Secrets Locksmiths Won’t Tell You

10 Secrets Locksmiths Won’t Tell You

We are all bound to get ourselves into a sticky situation where a locksmith needs to come to our rescue. Whether it’s locking our keys in the car while it’s running or you had simply forgotten your house key on the counter before you left. You need to know you can trust the locksmith you hired, and that they will get the job done right. However, they don’t always tell us everything. Here are 10 secrets that locksmiths won’t tell you.

  1. Change your locks when you buy a new home.

When you buy a new home you should always change your locks. The previous owners may still have a master key and may decide to take a look at what you’ve done with the place.




  1. Have a housekeeper key.
Have a housekeeper key
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If you have someone that comes to clean your home and needs a key, ask for a housekeeper key. The master key will unlock both the deadbolt and the bottom lock but the housekeeper key will just unlock the bottom lock. On the days they are set to come be sure to just lock the bottom.



  1. Beware of windows next to or on doors.
Beware of windows next to or on doors

If you have windows that are located right next to the door or on the door itself, don’t have a thumb turn deadbolt. If a burglar decided to break into your home, all they have to do is smash that window and turn the lock. You should have a double sided dead bolt that requires a key.



  1. WD 40 your locks.
try WD-40

If are finding that your key won’t turn in the lock get a can of WD 40 or silicone spray and spray it down. The majority of the time the pins are jammed and a little lubricate will help.




  1. Beware of scammers.
Beware of scammers

You’re looking through the phone book and have found a locksmith who has stellar prices. When they get there, they tell you that you have a special lock and they have to drill it out and it replace it. They are now going to charge you $150 for a $25 store bought lock. More than likely, you have just been scammed.


  1. Always try the door first.
Always try the door first

You may think this sounds silly, but a lot of times the homeowner forgets to try the door before calling a locksmith. When the locksmith arrives they find that the door is already unlocked. They will still charge for their time.



  1. Ethics and divorce lock-outs.
Ethics and divorce lock-outs

Sticky situations like divorce are a challenge on locksmiths. They may have a wife call them and say that she is locked out of her home and wants everything rekeyed. The locksmith will go do the job and an hour later have the husband call saying the same exact thing. In this scenario most locksmiths will send the husband to a competitor.


  1. Checking I.D
Checking I.D

Before a locksmith unlocks a car or home they are supposed to check your ID.  In most situations though, your ID is in the car or home that they are unlocking.




  1. Those keys that say “do not duplicate “are duplicated all of the time.
Those keys that say “do not duplicate “

Those words “do not duplicate” do not stop people from going to a hardware store and getting them copied. Ask your locksmith about high security locks with keys that a hardware store will not be able to replicate. Another option would be a programmable lock.



  1. Your locks weren’t installed properly.
Your locks weren’t installed properly

There are many instances when a locksmith arrives at a home and discovers that the locks were never installed properly. If your locks aren’t installed properly, they are not protecting your home. A deadbolt should have at least a one-inch “throw” on the “strike side”. There should always be a security plate that has screws that are at least three inches long that go all the way into the doors frame.